WETTERBERG is situated in the heart of Stockholm at Hamngatan 15, Norrmalmstorg

Focus areas

WETTERBERG is a law firm focused on business law specializing in GDPR, Intellectual Property law, Information Technology law, Marketing law, Freedom of expression and Dispute Resolution within these areas of law.

Special offer GDPR/Spring 2018

  • The General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) is complex; an organization launching a project for compliance will be faced with the first challenge of knowing where to begin.
  • WETTERBERG works towards the goal of ensuring the client’s long term compliance. We recognize that the GDPR is not only an obstacle- it can also become a commercial advantage for those with the right approach.
  • To assist a client in launching a GDPR project, we have developed the following method:

- WETTERBERG and the client meet to map the processing of personal data carried out by the client. During this meeting we collect information on the client’s business in order to clarify the specific challenges for that client.

- The regulation will mean different changes to different organizations and for that reason we work constructively and holistically. The goal of minimizing the client’s risk means finding the most significant challenges in reaching compliance at an early stage.

-  The meeting and mapping will be used by WETTERBERG to draft a GAP analysis. This document will precisely and clearly show the client what is needed to bring the client to full GDPR compliance.

-  The GAP analysis is presented to the client in a second meeting and the client is advised on how the GDPR project should proceed.

Please contact us concerning GDPR and we will give you an offer and help you to start your GDPR-project.

Mission statement

WETTERBERG Advokatbyrå focuses on and has as mission to provide businesses, organizations and agencies, legal- and strategic advisory services that add value in their decision-making and business, and to work with our clients on a long-term basis to gain insight and thereby understand their business and challenges .


Advokat, Dag Wetterberg                                       


  • Founder at Wetterberg Advokatbyrå                                                               
  • Partner at Magnusson Advokatbyrå                                               
  • General Counsel at Bonnierförlagen
  • CEO at ALIS, Administration of literary rights in Sweden

Publications (Books)

Medierätt en handbok (Norstedts Juridik 2014)

GDPR - förstå och tillämpa i praktiken (Sanoma Utbildning, February 2018)


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David Johansson, Associate



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